Jiřina Warkoczková

Jiřina Warkoczková

I am from Morava - Czech republik ,lived in Havířov / I like architecture ,castles,beauties of scenery,design,books and cooking
Jiřina Warkoczková
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Fuschias in the rain from Debbie Black.:

joojoobah: “If it´s gonna be a rainy day, there´s nothing you can do to make it change. You can pray for sunny weather, but that won´t stop the rain.” I would love to have some of that rain!

Summer Rain ~ Birmingham, England - Do NOT be fooled, rain in England usually looks nothing like this. It is accompanied with white/grey skies and driving winds!

Summer walk in the rain...how romantic.

Dear Barbara, Sending a painting of rain. Wishing you some rain when all the summer heat is over!