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We can't control the wind but we an always adjust the sails.
nervous wreck co. on Instagram: ""That's the way it goes, it'll all work out.” #nervouswreckcollective ✨ 👉🏻 swipe for variants Made this in between fevers today. The catalyst was the @phoebebridgers version. Reminded me how much I love Tom so you can choose your own adventure 🏴‍☠️ Song: “It’ll All Work Out” by @tompettyofficial Type: Helvetica Neue Medium + Medium Italic Gradients: @andreyazizov"

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nora stephens + charlie lastra ★ book lovers | emily henry

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a woman taking a selfie in the bathroom
an art piece with the words sometimes i want to get bad again just to prove it that it was real
a woman taking a selfie with her dog wearing a sweater and holding an iphone
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a woman with blonde hair is looking at the camera and has an interesting quote on it
lizzie young | boys of tommen