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a table topped with lots of different types of cheeses and fruit on top of it
Irina’s Catering on Instagram: "Before- After ✨✨✨ Catering Services from Irina’s corner! "Create unforgettable moments with our Christening event catering. Let us make your celebration truly special." #irinascorner #cateringservice #losangelescatering #beautifulcatering #deliciousfood #bestcateringinlosangeles #losangeles"
a buffet table filled with lots of food
yasmin catering on Instagram: "Afiyet olsun!.. #eetsmakelijk #4"
a green plate topped with a red napkin and a purple flower on top of it
Luciana Ferah 🌸 on Instagram: "Com folhas e flores podemos fazer um detalhe para decorar vasos de vidro! E para combinar, também criar porta guardanapos! Ideias simples, mas que fazem a diferença! Uma outra forma de usar esses vidros decorados, é colocar velas dentro!! Que tal, gostou dessa ideia? . #ferahemreceber #diymesaposta #diydecoracao #diyportaguardanapo #portaguardanapo #diyarranjosflorais #arranjofloral #centrodemesa"
a buffet table filled with lots of food on top of a wooden floor next to a chandelier
Alex Kamper | Kamper’s Kitchen on Instagram: "First we meditate, then we brunch 🧘🏻‍♀️🥞⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #kamperskitchen #brunch #meditation #retreat #womensretreat"
a wooden tray topped with sandwiches on top of a table next to glasses and plates
‎✨ Food Blogger سهیلا مسقطی‎ on Instagram‎: "Sandwich Finger Tray برای سینی فینگرفود حتما لازم نیست نون تست یا خمیر یوفکا و هزارلا داشته باشیم ، با نون لواش هم میشه انجام داد همینقدر جذاب و چشم‌نواز و البته خوشمزه ترکیب مواد مینی تاکو: تن ماهی که حتما بیست دقیقه بذارید بجوشه و بذارید خنک بشه و بعد بازش کنید ، ذرت ، زیتون و پیاز بنفش خردشده ، چیپس خلالی ، مایونز و فلفل سیاه ، چون چیپس و زیتون نمک دارن نیازی به نمک نیست. برای قیف فلافل هم میتونید داخل فر بذارید و هم ایر فرایر ، میشه قبلش کمی با روغن چرب بشن که خوشمزه‌تر میشه. فلافل تو پستای قدیمی هست که استوری میکنم. مواد سمبوسه هم پیاز داغ کاراملی ، سیب زمینی پخته ، کمی گشنیز تازه خردشده ، نمک و فلفل و زردچوبه. امیدوارم درست کنید و دوست داشته باشید 🥰 ممنون که با محبت همراهید 🙏🏻💕 کدومش بنظرتون خوشمزه‌تره؟"‎
a cake decorated with cucumbers and tomatoes on top of a black plate next to flowers
Fátima (Dicas e receitas) Cel.Fabriciano MG on Instagram: "Nada como uma apresentação perfeita de um prato, assim como esta salada. Inspiração para vc arrancar suspiros. Não é frescura, é amor pelo outro e pelo que faz.👏♥️#diva.receitasfit #mesadecorada #saladasaudavel"
several trays of food sitting on top of a table
sisters together on Instagram‎: "#بوفيه_أكل_هولندا #بوفيه_فواكة_هولندا #بوفيه #هولندا #hapjes #eten #sweettable #buffet #lekker #nederland🇳🇱 #fruit #toetjes"‎
an arrangement of fruit and flowers on a cutting board
Rio Homhuan on Instagram: "Fruit Platter Inspiration Ideas 🌸 Double tap if this post inspires you✨ Watch full video on how to make a dried Mango Rose and how to cut melon step by step on my YouTube channel, link in my BIO! Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful Monday 🤍 @inspo_by_rio_ 🌈 #fruitboard #fruitdecoration #foodstyling #tutorials #fruittart"
a woman sitting at a kitchen counter in front of a plate with flowers on it
Reina G. Slim on Instagram: "3-INGREDIENT Flower Cheese Canapés 🧀🥒🍅 Make these cute Flower cheese canapés for any occasion or party! An easy, tasty and healthy finger food that not only adults will enjoy but kids too! No better way to wow your family and friends when hosting with just few ingredients. Here’s what you will need👇🏻 ▫️Cherry Tomatoes (Halved) ▫️English Cucumbers (Cut half moons, about half an inch thick) ▫️Cheese ( I used Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese-Cut half an inch thick) ▫️Bamboo sticks ▫️1” flower cookie cutter Follow along to see how I prepared these easy and delicious appetizers and happy to answer your questions in the comment section👇🏻 DON’T FORGET TO SAVE AND SHARE/TAG A FRIEND♥️ : : : Follow: @decorandbeyond_byreina for more inspirations and ideas
a table topped with donuts and pastries on top of white counter tops next to pink flowers
454K views · 43K likes | Mai B., MAcc, ESQ. on Instagram: "Easter Sunday I hosted my girls who were in town for brunch. After a jam packed weekend I wanted something quick and simple. This set up took about twenty minutes and the girls loved it. It’s perfect for spring summer vibes and you could play around with different florals to hang from lights or the ceilings. Need links? 🔗 in my @shop.ltk or comment “BRUNCH” and I’ll personally dm you. #islandbrunchsetup #springbrunchideas #springbrunchdecor #summerbrunchideas #girlybrunchideas"
a tortilla filled with lots of different types of toppings on top of it
chef_zoozoo on Instagram‎: "@thekuwaitichef المكونات: خليط اللبنة و الفيتا : لبنة - نص كوب جبنة فيتا - كوب خليط الزيتون: زيتون كالاماتا - كوب زيتون أخضر - كوب بقدونس - نص كوب نعناع - ربع كوب زعتر - ٣ ملاعق كبيرة زيت الزيتون - ربع ملعقة لتزيين : صنوبر زعتر سماق زيت الزيتون Ingredients: Labneh & Feta Mix: Labneh - 1/2 cup Feta Cheese - 1 cup Olive Mix: Kalamata Olives - 1 cup Green Olives - 1 cup Parsley - 1/2 cup Mint - 1/4 cup Zataar Powder - 3 tablespoons Olive Oil - 1/4 cup Garnish: Pine Nuts Zataar Powder Sumac Powder Olive Oil #وصفات #اكلات_سهله #اكلات #طبخات #طبخات_لذيذه #وصفات_لذيذة #وصفات_سريعة"‎
sliced oranges, bananas and strawberries are arranged on a cutting board next to a glass of beer
gulun_harika_sunumlari34 on Instagram: "Günaydın hayırlı sabahlar mutlu pazarlar huzurlu sağlıklı keyifli güzel günler diliyorum arkadaşlar lütfen begenilerinizi ve yorumlarınızı eksik etmeyiniz canlarım KESFETTEN GÖRENLER SAYFAMI TAKİBE ALMAYI UNUTMAYINIZ LÜTFEN Via;@fatmanizam__ elinize emeğinize sağlık💯💯💯 💟🌷💟🌷💟🌷💟🌷💟🌷 #gününmenüsü #anayemekler #mislezzetler #bizimsunumlar #paylasmaklazim #sizinsunumlar #sunumsizden #şahanelezzetler #şahanesunumlar #misss_lezzetlerr #sunum_dunyam #hayatımmutfak #sunumsah #olsada_yesek"
a woman sitting in front of a large tray of food on top of a kitchen counter
Carla Bushey - Always keepin’ it real on Instagram: "Do you have a big breakfast on Christmas? We do! And we lie to graze for hours 🙈 so here is an idea for a fun way to have Christmas 🌲❤️ Please remember you can take it your own but here is a start… Ingredients: • Mini Santa hat pancakes: stacks of silver dollar pancakes, top with with cream and a strawberry • Scrambled Eggs: I keep mine in a little casserole dish so they stay warm • Variety of breakfast meats: I used bacon and sausage • Hashbrown • Fresh Fruit: I used kiwies and strawberries for the Christmas colors • Variety of baked goods: I used mini croissants, mini muffins and mini donuts • Toppings: such maple syrup, butter, chocolate chips and sprinkles. Have so much fun making this and enjoy!!! • • #christmasbreakfast #breakfas
there is a table with many desserts on it and blue balloons in the background
Papillon Catering/Design 🎀 on Instagram: "A feast for both the eyes and the stomach 💙. #birthday #birthdayboy #tablesetting #catering #toronto #event #eventcaterer #eventplanner #appetizers #appetizer. Floral arrangements @banaflorist"
an arrangement of flowers and candles on a table
Papillon Catering/Design 🎀 on Instagram: "Get ready for a flavor explosion with these bite-sized wonders! 😍👌 #fingerfood #yum #catering #toronto #richmondhill #christmas #christmasdecor #christmastime #dinner #eventplanning #eventcatering. @tartila_toronto @artistichomeware_shop Flower arrangement @banaflorist"