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a flamingo statue in the middle of a mall
Giant Flamingo Sculpture Greets Visitors at the Tampa International Airport
three people standing in front of a water fountain at night with lights shining on them
Cirque du Soleil’s heart-stopping moments in LUZIA
Cirque du Soleil’s Heart-Stopping Moments in Luzia | MONTECRISTO
silhouettes of people standing on stage in front of large screen with blue light coming from them
Swipebox | A touchable jQuery lightbox
Referência de set design: sombras, linhas e cores
there is a woman standing in front of several frames on the floor, with one person looking at them
a woman standing on top of a stage surrounded by frames
a cube in the middle of some water with waves around it and an overcast sky
Axaxaxas mlö: Photo
Axaxaxas mlö: Photo
an iceberg floating on top of a body of water next to red and white rocks
a black hole in the middle of a river surrounded by trees
a black and white photo of rocks in the ocean with a light coming from it
Iceland photography travel inspiration
Iceland travel photography inspiration. Visit Iceland. Icelandic art.
a black and white photo of a long string in the middle of rocks with light coming from it
Magdalena Jetelovà’s Iceland Project
Magdalena Jetelová – Iceland Project, 1992
a man standing in front of a white box on top of a stage surrounded by people
there is a black ball on top of a red object in front of a white background
Макеты - Сергей Бархин
the actors are performing on stage in front of a building with tall grass growing out of it
La Scala's production of Wagner's Lohengrin. Claus Guth directs, with sets by Christian Schmidt. Follow me @operandesign