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an overhead view of a parking lot with lines on the ground
glovaskicom: Transition #1, pencil, pastel, oil and wax on paper, 24x161/2, ( image ) 2013 Glovaski
three different shapes are shown in black and white, one is an object that appears to be cubes or rectangles
garadinervi : repertori
an abstract painting with white and blue lines in the center, on a blue background
hernan ardila
an open book with three different designs on it's cover and the pages are folded in half
a black and white striped square with diagonal lines in the center, as if it were an optical illusion
Moderne en hedendaagse kunst Kopen in Online Veiling
squares and rectangles are arranged in the same pattern
GRID: All the possible combinations of Straight Lines in Four Directions (1973) by Sol LeWitt #grid #design #art #architecture
an orange and white drawing on paper with squares in the shape of a house,
Philippe Weisbecker - Dessins Sulptures
Philippe Weisbecker - Dessins Sulptures - Et Alors pour l'art contemporain
a red and white drawing with lines in the shape of a hexagonal structure
Nieves · Philippe Weisbecker
Nieves Books · Shop
an image of a graph paper with red, blue and yellow lines on it in the shape of a curve
Jennifer Bartlett, Untitled, Rhapsody, 90s #inspiration #stijl