Social Anxiety Thing #233

The question of what is social anxiety is a simple one to answer, yet the answer raises a great many new questions. At its core, social anxiety is a type of anxiety related to social interaction.

Social Anxiety Thing #148

He doesnt understand why I do it lol, Idont even know why Im like this. Ive just recently started trying to "overcome" this

Social Anxiety Thing #297

This has happened multiple times

Social Anxiety Thing #305

I swear I'm not THAT self-centered, but I can't deal<<whoever wrote this caption has no right to pin this. If u have anxiety this is exactly how it is. This is not even close to being self centered

Social Anxiety Thing #279

but its so clear in my head of what I want to say cos I repeated it over and over again but the second someones their to listen its just all bluh jumbled and speechless

Social Anxiety Thing #242

Or you were dating someone a short while but broke up because the relationship-related anxiety was too much to handle.

Social Anxiety Thing #230

I would never REALLY wanna kill myself, I just mean like I could die of embarrassment

Social Anxiety Thing #359

social anxiety thing I struggle with this a lot, when I'm in this situation and over think it all my muscles tense up which I then become overly self conscious about.

Social Anxiety Thing #709

Then they say something else would look better, so you go with it even though you hate the idea!