Sometimes my faith in humanity gets a little higher after reading things like this. <<< So he was gay? That's awesome of you, boy! Please do come save some more girls from disgusting perverts.

I'm really bothered by that girl and her mom<<< tf is that mom doing? Teaching her child to steal! Worst mom ever!<<she's also teaching her child to swear, that's wrong

Pffffffft this simultaneously the most adorable and most awkward ass thing ever I love it

She has no right to call herself a Christian, treat others as you wished to be treated. Also stealing isn't exactly honest.

As somebody with veteran parents and grandparents, if you don't believe in the army don't take it out on the soldiers. They overall protect us, and they're not making the big decisions you disagree with

Why on earth would you click cancel when clearly you were told to click 'OK' i swear stupid people need their own damn planet <<< Great wording, I might just steal it

Would love to see the third guy's reaction to that tidbit of the second guys non existent sister, lol.