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Vulcan Rocks

Hotly tipped British rock band Knock Out Kaine are donating all proceeds from their specially re-released single 'Set the Night on Fire' from their high scoring debut album 'House of Sins' to raise money for the last flying #Avro #Vulcan - #XH558. The accompanying video is being made in the historic aircraft’s hanger at Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport on Saturday 13 April 2013, where up to 80 fans will have the chance to be a part of British rock and aviation history.
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On Vulcan Rocks day, XH558 and the band had a very special VIP visitor - none other than Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden, (Commercial Pilot and businessman extraordinaire). It was great of Bruce to show his interest and support on the day. Very much appreciated by the band and all at Vulcan to the Sky Trust.


Vulcan Rocks will see British rockers Knock out Kaine playing to a select group of 80 supporters and filming the video to their single under the wings of #XH558. All proceeds from digital downloads will be donated to the Vulcan!


A Facebook teaser campaign sparked the imaginations of our supporters making everyone talk about the big announcement.


Hailing from the Midlands, Knock out Kaine are keen to support #XH558. The band have fond memories of the historic aircraft flying overhead from when they were growing up.


They say rock music is famed for being loud. Knock Out Kaine are going to have some work competing with us on that front next weekend! #KoK #XH558 #Vulcan #Vulcanhowl


Fans and Knock out Kaine pose with #XH558, the last flying #Vulcan

Knock out Kaine fans at #XH558's hanger enjoying the music under the wings of the #Vulcan.

Knock out Kaine start to play in front of #XH558. Not many bands can claim having that kind of backdrop! - Pic by Bob Balmer

Knock out Kaine Rockin' Robin Hood airport...Pic by bob Balmer