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three ceramic ornaments hanging from a tree
Prodané zboží od kuzu
Prodané zboží uživatele kuzu |
the steps to make a paper cone cake
Twoje DIY - najlepszy blog zrób to sam w Polsce!
Stożkowe świeczniki
a small white planter with succulents in it on a wooden table
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Hanging Planter made from Vintage Mold. Ceramic Earthenware Planter for Succulents, Air Plants, and More!
a heart shaped vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to a candle holder
Andělík a hvězdy
Andělík a hvězdy Rozměry - 13cm x 10cm x výška 17cm Svíčku můžete vložit do paciček ,ale i pod andílka
two wooden sculptures with faces on them sitting in front of some grass and trees,
Julina a Julius
Julina a Julius Slepička Julina a kohoutek Julius. Kameninové zahradní lampy. Výška asi 33 cm. Cena za Julinu a Julka dohromady
a red candle is lit in a stone bowl hanging from a chain on a wooden fence
Lampen, Schirme und Sockel -
HängeWindlicht 16 cm von KeramikMaus - Kreatives aus Keramik für Haus & Garten auf
a small ceramic animal sitting on top of a moon and tree stump with stars in the sky
Escuela DE Cerámica Cipolletti-municipal
a bird bath sitting on top of a metal pole
Pflanzenmarkierungen & Stecken -
Vogeltränke, Pflanzschale von Bodenseekeramik auf
three owls sitting on a swing in the middle of some mossy rocks and trees
Gartendekoration -
two candles are suspended from the ceiling in front of a wall with lights on it
Hängende Keramikschale, Windlicht, Pflanzschälchen -
Hängendes Windlicht *mittel* aus Keramik
there is a bird sitting on top of a pole in the grass and bushes behind it
I know I'm premature here, but if we do decorating committee again, I could teach you all how to do this. They are totem bird feeders that we can make in a purple color scheme as centerpieces and then auction off. It would be pretty easy and give something spring-timey to auction. Thoughts?
three pieces of blue glass with stars and moon designs on them, sitting next to each other
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Candle lantern Candle Holder Modern House Decor Handmade Ceramic wedding lantern centerpiece Tea Light holder luminary Star Moon Blue White
three planters with plants in them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Judy Jackson Stoneware In her New York studio, ceramic artist Judy Jackson creates perfect, simple vessels. Her glazes are earthy-deep. Her pots have been a favorite for years here at the shop, and she just keeps adding new shapes, styles, and colors that we love.
three flower shaped dishes sitting on top of a white countertop next to candy canes | The official home for all things Disney