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Gallery of House in Chofu / SNARK - 16

Gallery of House in Chofu / SNARK - 16


Haus Für Julia Und Björn by Innauer‐Matt is a wooden house - FeedPuzzle

Chicken Houses, Chicken Coops, Fur, Artist Studios, Berlin Germany, Artists

Larameeee — Dogtrot House - Zachary House 1995

A couple more windows and 2 sky lights, along with a bigger deck would make this place awesome


Marlboro Music Cottages by HGA Architects , Marlboro, Vermont

LT Josai  / Naruse Inokuma Architects

With a growing demand for shared properties acriss Japan, Naruse Inokuma Architects lay out their ideal design in this Nagoya property.

Tower Studio / Saunders Architecture

Built by Saunders Architecture in Bay Roberts, Canada with date Images by Bent René Synnevåg. The Tower Studio is dramatically situated on a stretch of rocky coastline in Shoal Bay, Fogo Island, Newfoundland.

La Bottega Bistroteka by edit! architects. Photo by Alexandr Dobrovodský

La Bottega Bistroteka by edit! Photo by Alexandr Dobrovodský