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20 Motivational Songs to put you in a good mood - If you're feeling down or depressed, listen to these songs.

A playlist of 20 Motivational Songs to put you in a Good Mood. Pair with our signature Good Mood Boost™ and you'll have the best day ever!

What It's Like to Have 'High-Functioning' Anxiety

Having anxiety means constantly managing motion that can be productive or self-destructive, depending on how much sleep you got. Depending on the day. Depending on the Earth’s alignment with Mars. Depending on…

If you suffer from anxiety, take a deep breath and just know you're not alone.

Managing Anxiety With mindfulness: What triggers those feelings of panic and worry that we're oh-so-familiar with? If you know your triggers, you can prepare to manage your stress. Here are 21 things that trigger anxiety. ( & 16 are my major triggers)