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I don't normally pin wedding stuff, because I am not engaged but if Jon and I ever do get married I want this topper due to my totally rational fear of falling to my death in a sinkhole

Slim Fast cake topper campaign - Almost every single bride goes through the pre-wedding weight syndrome; they feel that they must lose a certain amount of weight to feel comfortabl.

Harry = perfección

How can sme one do it to harry he is our cute af cupcake so fragile beautiful charming life saver everythimg a c*nt is not so better shut face ur face and get out

simple abstract painting

Fun art project with the kids! Easy abstract painting that anyone can do! Just blob the paint on the canvas in random spots and blend! (would be interesting how students could make different pictures w/ the same colors and same blob positions)

Pondless waterfalls are becoming very popular. Owners can enjoy the sounds and sites of a waterfall without the pond.

A pondless waterfall saves space and reduces workload. If you would like a water feature in your yard but would rather skip all the cleaning and algae removal and what not that goes with a pond check out this waterfall how to from Backyard Design Ideas.