Im pinning because Im never going to find it buy it or wear it...but they are pretty!

Brilliant Hollow-outs Knee-high Stiletto Sandals by Gianmarco Lorenzi 9638 2013 Fashion I could never wear these heels but wow fancy!

Aleksa Süet Siyah Kafesli Platform Topuklu Ayakkabı

29 Cool Casual Style Shoes Looks That Will Make You Look Great – Shoes Fashion & Latest Trends


Women are Crafty Bitches clothes beautiful heels I wonder how hard it would be to just add a ribbon to an existing pair 3476

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You have to dress appropriately. A chef wears a tall hat. A soldier paints his face in camouflage. I wear erotic shoes to sit down and write my erotic books. It makes sense.

Christian Louboutin Shoes 2015 Yasemin Aksu

Black and white heels - High heels - Peep toe - feminine shoe - sexy shoe - power heels - women's shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Strappy Heeled “Lilith” Sandals

2 New Heels From Legendary Shoe Designer Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Strappy Heeled “Lilith” Sandals

Dress by Katherine Joyce

Wedding Dresses by Katherine Joyce Bridal: Ma Cheri Collection 2018

Wedding Dress by Katherine Joyce - Ma Cheri Bridal Collection Beautifully executed illusion. the skirt is fully lined in nude to keep the integrity of the pattern.