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a drawing of a rabbit holding a candy bar in front of the caption reads, 2 februar hromnice dobre ranko penny den
2.február HROMNICE Keď na Hromnice sneh a vietor duje, to skorý príchod jari zvestuje. Pekný deň Dobré ránko D F
a cartoon character holding a knife in front of the caption that reads, nendeli
a red rose sitting on top of a white sheet with the words mdz written in it
a small kitten with its paw up in front of a sign that says, ja uzjdu spinkat dobrou noc
a poster with an image of a man in uniform
Ha ha :)
a yellow poster with black dots on it and the words,'we are all in this
Nový farář byl před svým prvním kázáním tak nervózní...
a yellow and black poster with words on it that say,'there are many different types
a yellow screen with black text on it
Uložit ke spánku přečtu van pohádku...
an image of a yellow background with black dots and words on it, all in different sizes
My, co jsme se narodili před rokem 1980...
three pigs standing next to each other in front of a blue frame with the words nudie se?
Nudíte se? Kupte čtyři prasátka | Obrázky |
a red screen with the words in spanish on it
Dcera SMS-kuje mámě: | |
a brown dog sleeping on top of a bed
a wooden sign with flowers on it that says mama uzasmou babciu
a person in winnie the pooh costume is holding his hand up to his face
Hned po prvním dni ho z práce vyhodili, protože... | Obrázky |