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Metals | Pedro Medeiros on Patreon
Official Post from Pedro Medeiros: This week's tutorial is about character silhouette!For me the silhouette is probably the most important aspect of the character design, even more so in pixel art.Working with pixel art most of the times means that we are working in low resolution and since we can't add too many details or even too m
#Pixel art, (un)dressed to kill
Ka-50 Hokum A (Black Shark)
zit er idd vet uit! maar is dat een stereo type chinese. Omdat het ook racistisch is vind ik hem nog leuker xD
Tutorial: How to draw Crystals by on @DeviantArt
どんつく、 on Twitter: "ドット絵「背景大まか4色作画説明」使用色数を4色とし 近景 →BG1 中景 →BG2 遠景 →BG3 最遠景→BG4 各階層を1色で作画します。光源、奥行きが何段階か決めてから作画すると混乱しにくいかと  #pixelart"
PIXEL ART - Page 10 - Polycount Forum
RPG Maker VX RTP Tileset by telles0808 on @DeviantArt