Rafael Dos

The rain, the perspective leading up to the figure with the umbrella, the bikes, black and white photography

France. A walk in the rain, Paris 1934

Les jours de pluie

Book Club: She Matters: A Life in Friendships: Susanna Sonnenberg: A chronology of friendships through one woman's life and her effort to understand their roles in her life.

Rain for the rest of us. Photography for the Best of us. Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1858. Curated by your friends at https://createamixer.com/

Daily Inspiration #1858

Rain is beautiful, magical, relaxing. Rain is such poetry - caress your soul, purifies the air and brighten the nature. Animated rain gifs from around the web.

Harrods Rainy Doubledecker ,London

I hear the rain falling on the windows of this double decker - Harrods Rainy Doubledecker ,London

Rainy night

Coffee and rain. I wasn't sure where to pin this photo: to the COFFEE or to the RAIN board. Coffee and rain - what a cozy and beautiful combination!