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Saint Germain ~ Saint Germain, the chohan of the seventh ray of freedom, mercy, transmutation and ritual. He holds a very important position as the hierarch of the Aquarian age. He teaches seekers the science of divine alchemy and transmutation. Aura Colors Meaning, Sacred Geometry Art, New Year Message, Transmutation, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, Angel Art, Love And Light, The Magicians

Saint Germaine <3 Ascended Master of the 7th Ray: Ceremonial Magic & Transmutation & the Violet Flame <3<3

Čtení z ruky - Představení čar, znak Kandy - Věští Online Tarot, Relax, Palmistry, Kandi, Good Advice, Etiquette, Yoga Fitness, Good To Know, Helpful Hints

Čtení z ruky - Představení čar, znak Kandy - Věští Online

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Embraced by Ascended Masters Masters Meditation Mantra, Rose Croix, Ascended Masters, Mystique, Visionary Art, Gods And Goddesses, Spiritual Awakening, New Age, Sacred Geometry

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" 'I AM' the Energy you use in every action." " 'I AM' the Light, illumining every cell of your Being." " 'I AM' the Substance, omnipresent, without limit, which you may use and bring into form without any limit." " 'I AM' Thy Strength-Thy Perfect Understand-' " " 'I AM' the Truth that gives you now Perfect Freedom." " 'I AM' the Open Doorway into the 'Light of God that never fails.' " "I give praise I have entered into this 'Light' fully, using that Perfect Understanding."

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Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! Enfold me in Thy Mighty, Magic, Pillar of Ascended Master Light, So Powerful that no lower creation can pass through. In this Tube of Light, blaze Thy Violet Transmuting Flame in, through, around, my four lower bodies clearing all less than Thy Perfection. Charge with the Ascended Master Consciousness -each one of their Living Light/ Presence/ Activity. This Light keeps me invisible, invincible, invulnerable to all but Thy Almighty Presence and Thy Divine…

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Zatajovaná příčina rakoviny: Pravý důvod, proč vyhasínají lidské životy!