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Gardener suspects sabotage after Cliff Richard 'kills plants'

A greenhouse exposed to Cliff Richard music in an experiment saw all its plants die but one of the gardeners involved in the study has said he suspects foul play.

cliff richard dying inside - Cliff, please, it's no good beaming ...

cliff richard dying inside - Cliff, please, it& no good beaming .

Sir Cliff Richard 'feeling fantastic' at Pride of Britain Awards

Singer calls his appearance at red-carpet bash his 'therapy' after police probe clears him

Cliff Richard.

Young idol: Callow always had a crush on Cliff Richard.

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It all started by a bunch of us 'pigs' sharing photos of wonderful women to each other via text. Well, laziness got the better of me. Now my fellow 'pigs' can enjoy my taste in the female form without all the texting.

The word ‘communication’ can be found in of modern relationship advice/literature… but it’s rarely to do with our sex lives. It’s usually focused around dissolving conflict, going deeper in your relationship, or expressing jealousy.