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an abstract watercolor painting with mountains in the background and blue sky overlays
Terre Adélie
Terre Adélie on Behance
there is a large wall with information about mountains and headwaters in the center
RiverAlive - Bluecadet
the shadow of two people riding horses is projected in front of a painting on display
spacial design
a room filled with lots of different types of items on display in glass cases next to wooden paneled walls
Etnographic Farmstead of Fisherman in Klaipėda
a display case with lots of different items on the wall and below it is an information board
Etnographic Farmstead of Fisherman in Klaipėda
a wooden table sitting in front of paintings on the wall
a room with wooden walls and pictures on the wall
an exhibit with several displays on the wall and trees in the background, along with information about plants
Exhibition design for the Koala Hospital, Port Macquarie // Design Community
a room with wood logs and paintings on the walls, along with tables and stools
Thatched museum and biodiversity research centre by Guinée*Potin
an art installation in the middle of a room with multiple tables and benches on each side
andrés jaque + miguel de guzmán celebrate 20 years of sex and the city at storefront NYC
sex so called city andres jaque miguel de guzman
a wall that has some pictures on it with the words conifers written on it
display wall - Picture of Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle - Tripadvisor
a wall with many pictures on it in an office
Marketing Signage - Waypoint Sign Company - Site Hoarding, Banners
an exhibit in a large building with wooden tables and posters on the wall, along with other information boards
戰鬥吧!文學青年-文學獎的光明與幽闇特展 - 宜東設計
戰鬥吧!文學青年-文學獎的光明與幽闇特展 - 宜東設計
an art installation made out of plywood planks
Search Bechance images on Designspiration
a person sitting on a bench in front of a wall with pictures and drawings behind it
Gallery of Carlton Marshes Visitor Centre / Cowper Griffith Architects - 5
Inspiration for design of a visitor centre
two women are standing in front of a display of books and other items on shelves
House of Artisans by Kossmanndejong
工匠之家传统手工艺展览,阿布扎比 / Kossmanndejong - 谷德设计网
an exhibit with trees and signs on the wall that say a special place to go
City of Greater Dandenong – Alex Wilkie Nature Reserve
a display case with several different types of books on it and information about the room
Building Connections Exhibition birch plywood panels
a display case with several pictures on it
LP/w Design Studios
a wooden sign with instructions on how to use an enlarging holen wir?
Interactive Bubble Method on the Topic of Sufficiency
a man is walking past a wall with clocks and other things hanging on the walls
Wildparkhaus im Solling | Ausstellungen | nowakteufelknyrim
two wooden speakers sitting on top of a table next to some signs and plants in the background
three different types of skin on display in a museum case with information about the animals
Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction @ ArtScience Museum
a tree stump with three speech bubbles on it's side and another sign that says, man on the moon
Sustainability is boring? Not in this treehouse. - Volume Inc.
a wooden birdhouse with the words peek inside and who lives here? on it
Alex Wilkie Nature Reserve | Nuttshell
the back side of a book with an image of a bird on it
Regional Rail Link – Wyndamvale Train Station
three people standing around a table with some cut out trees on it and two children looking at them
Futurium permanent exhibition
ART+COM Studios | Futurium permanent exhibition