Wlodzimierz Jakubicz

Wlodzimierz Jakubicz

Wlodzimierz Jakubicz
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Little Bird tiny house, Zyl Vardos

I think there’s a general consensus on Tiny House Talk that Abel Zimmerman Zyl, of Zyl Vardos, is a master tiny house craftsman. Therefore, we should all be excited for his newest build, Beli…

Coffee Bike by METROFIETS - Portland, Oregon

Metrofiets® was founded in 2007 and has grown around our local Portland craftsmanship community. We love working with our trusted group of local artisans who are as dedicated to their craft as they.

Ape Car Caffee espresso

Mini Espresso Coffee Van on a mythical Ape Car Piaggio. Le Marche Coffee Brand "Caffè Pascucci" has organized this coffee point during the White Truffle Festival of Sant'Angelo in Vado near Urbino in Le Marche region, Central Italy

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