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This month I let my sister Beka pick the 3 projects from our Un-Tutorial board that YOU get to vote on.


Bedside Storage Caddy - Black

Bedside Storage Caddy is consider a top must have dorm room essential product. Some dorm stuff like our bedside caddy is a real need. Without this convenient products students must jump in and out of bed for the smallest of things.

Cama, mesa e banho - Decoração - Álbuns da web do Picasa

This inspires me to do a set of smalls--wouldn't this make the sweetest scissor holder

Jak doma vyčistit nevyčistitelné

Jak doma vyčistit nevyčistitelné

PRÁŠEK DO PEČIVA učiněný zázrak

** Prášek do pečiva - učiněný zázrak **

Jednoduché vyčištění zásobníku na prášek a aviváž

Jednoduché vyčištění zásobníku na prášek a aviváž

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