HOOLA HOOP CIRCLE: Each team competes to be the fastest in getting the Hoola Hoop around a team circle.

Comic Book Panels

Free Comic Book Printable~ Students can create their own comic summaries, idiom cartoons. classroom rules, or. They cut out the panels that they want and then sequence on a separate paper. Good for teaching empathy!

Baskheadball using the plastic balls purchased for giant kerplunk. Use water balloons instead and the one with the most unpopped wins

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Fish Bean Bag Toss Game...Great idea for Fall Festival at church.

Crafts n' things Weekly - fish bean bag toss game (Kids Wood Crafts)

Detective spy training test - A great accompaniment to the Junior Detective badge!

Bachelor and bachelorette party together. Guys and girls do their own thing in the morning meet up in a field play some competition games filled with dares for the bride and groom. Completed with a Bon fire and maybe camping.

[ "Giant foot yard game for BFG theme. Note: be sure to instruct players to put feet inside rope handles.", "DIY slideshow on building one

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I like the boardwalk game 5 summer relay games for family reunions How Does She

jeu de l oie nu au format Plus Más

Juego aro cartón reciclado

A meter los aros

A blank game board template for making your own board game.

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5 juegos infantiles al aire libre

Fun game for Girl Scouts--Fill the bottle on top of kids' heads with a water gun or spray bottle!