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watercolor and ink drawing of buildings in portugal
Porto, Portugal, C.Breen 2020
a blue scooter parked next to a potted plant
watercolor and ink painting of colorful buildings on the waterfront
Pen and Wash
Watercolour of Vernazza, Cinque Terre in Italy by Quilliam Collister.
a drawing of an alleyway with clothes hanging on the wall and potted plant
watercolor painting of gondola and buildings on the river in venice, italy
Canal vénitien
a painting of a small town by the water
Italy, Vernazza, Original
Vernazza, Italy
watercolor and ink drawing of buildings along the river
Sunday market in Annecy, France...Pen and wash by Jenny Gore.
a drawing of a city with buildings and mountains in the background
Watercolor by Mike Botton
this is a drawing of a city on the coast with boats and cliffs in the water
Exploring the Cinque Terre by boat - Urban Sketchers