Vítek Vlček

Vítek Vlček

Rozvedený.Delam atletiku hraju na trumpetu a delal jsem judo
Vítek Vlček
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Marvel Villians - the only thing that would make this better is if Apocalypse was in it.

Marvel Villians<<< Bucky Barnes is not a villain but still

Cuando es el primer día de escuela

Deadpool knows how the bring home the bacon. A real man is well prepared when it's time to head off to work. Deadpool no.

Friendship by moni158.deviantart.com on @deviantART - So much love between a girl and her best friend who happens to be a dragon!

T-T This reminds me. dragons' lifespans are longer than humans' lifespans. That means that by the time Hiccup dies, Toothless will still be young.<<<It kind of reminds me more of Eragon


Day 24 from last night, another quickish one (maybe an hour or so) Thanks to Steve for talking about a snail-man he'd been working on I decided to try something too.

Pop Culture Apocalypse In Amazing Digital Art By Filip Hodas

Pop Culture Apocalypse - Digital Art By Filip Hodas

Quark Master's Tumblr

The amazing digital art of tryo wang

fuck yeah cyberpunk / sci fi city / industrial / urban / colorful / futuristic / video game / digital backgrounds

Cyberpunk artworks gallery - Page 61

12987203_1184488408229273_1043398277909127127_n.jpg (804×960)

12987203_1184488408229273_1043398277909127127_n.jpg (804×960)

RPG Reptiles by Alex Braun (the snapping turtle is my favourite)

RPG Reptiles by Alex Braun (the snapping turtle is my favourite) — I like lizard wizard best.