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Vintage Real Carved Rose Coral 18K Gold Ring #GoldCoralRing  #CoralRing #RoseRing   #CocktailRing #VintageCoralRing

Vintage Real Carved Rose Coral 18K Gold Ring #GoldCoralRing #CoralRing #RoseRing #CocktailRing #VintageCoralRing


dreamwalkertobe: Dionysiac Relief, a Maenad and a Satyr dancing.

Coro Cherub Angel Rhinestone Duette Pin

The duette owls are signed COROCRAFT in script. The frame is marked CORO DUETTE and Pat No The earrings are not marked. The duette can be

Porque no toda chica tiene que gustarle las cosas rosas y delicadas, también pueden gustarles las cosas rudas y oscuras como las calaveras. Esta colección de accesorios es para esas chicas que les gusta lucir algo rudas pero totalmente a la moda. También puedes ver el volumen 1. —

When I first saw this on my phone it was very tiny and I thought they were purple glass hippos and I squealed out loud and I wanted them more than life itself. but they're not :/ Amethyst skulls are pretty cool still tho.

Turns Necklace 3 by BlueDonya on Etsy

Inspired by the turns our lives take. A rotating necklace that twists and turns, just like your day does! This necklace combines a black wooden bar and stark red shell circles for a bold and fun necklace. The 17 black stainless steel neck wire has a mag