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four snowflakes are shown in three different styles and sizes, one is white
Vánoce1 | Návody na háčkované hračky
Vánoce1 | Návody na háčkované hračky
crocheted doily patterns on a wooden surface with the names of them in english and spanish
Knitted Flowers Tutorial
CROCHET Flower VERY EASY Tutorial - Crochet Moccasins #crochetedflowers #Blusita bicolor punto Granny #knitted #flowers #tutorial
a wicker basket filled with lots of different colored napkins on top of each other
Lavender bags
Can't put lavender in this because Alisha is allergic, but this is cute and we could out some other scent inside them :)
there are many crocheted hearts on the table
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No. 66 small crochet heart gift tags set of by creativecarmelina
two heart shaped doily hanging from a string
blooome - Etsy
HEART GIFT TAGS Gold Glitter Handmade Crochet Set of Two
some kind of decorative item that is on a cloth tablecloth with the words instagram written below it
10 csodaszép, szív formájú karácsonyfadísz
2. karácsonyfadísz<br>Ha túl sok lenne a pirosból, a nyugodtságot tükröző barna-fehér variációban, filcből varrt szívek épp oly gyönyörűek
painted wood slices with trees and mountains on them
JenAranyi - Etsy