Trial by Fire Public Speaking

You are not alone in having a fear of public speaking. Many others have taken steps to get over their fears. This board collects the stories others have shared about their experiences, mostly trials by fire, and what they learned.
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Another experience speaker confesses his continuing deep fears, that almost stop him from getting on stage repeatedly.

Someone on Quora asked me: "How can people become more comfortable with public speaking?" Here are my tips for becoming a better speaker

Public Speaking Skills: My Worst Presentation Ever

Diversification Is a Good Thing: CFP Board Consumer Advocate Offers Tips on Which Assets to Diversify and How

Public speaking F.E.A.R.

Public Speaking, A R, Shanghai

Thoughts on Public Speaking

An Unforgettable Experience: My first Public Speaking

Public speaking is known as the fear among people today. We don't know for a fact, but we’re pretty sure that public praying is a common fear too. Yet, praying out loud isn’t so hard when you learn a few simple tips.

Lale Byquist talks about her public speaking experience that motivated her to learn everything she could about public speaking

My name is Lale Byquist, and I'm here to tell you my story. Overcoming fear of public speaking is easy!

The first trials by fire of the CEO of our own company and the inspiration for creating Virtual Orator.

The inspiration for creating Virtual Orator was the trials by fire that our CEO experienced in learning public speaking. He relates his first experiences.