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Tereza Viletová

Tereza Viletová
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No health insurance, No problem. Website to help you find a cheaper place to get your prescriptions filled.

Honestly, it costs an arm and a leg to fix ur arm and leg. Would rather just amputate it on my own lol<<< agree with the last commentator on the pin American health care gives me second hand anxiety srsly guys

Don’t judge people. It’s rude and people might be going through a lot more than you think!! Stand up for people who can’t, trust me... It will be worth it.

Story of my life << seriously, people need to stop judging others, it's ruining people! I think it's horrid that people feel the need to constantly judge and criticise others and then wonder why they're so self conscious, I hate it and so do others!

They hate yet imitate

This is called "white washing" - this has even been done to biblically. Deuteronomy 28 - these curses happened, and our true identity has been hidden.