Деревянная скульптура

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a wooden rooster statue sitting on top of a bench next to a red and purple bench
Рукодельное творчество — Картинки из тем | OK.RU
Интересные идеи для декора дачного участка из деревянных спилов. | OK.RU
a wooden carving of a man's face with blue eyes and beard, made out of wood planks
an animal made out of wire with long horns
a man sitting on the floor holding up a wooden fish that he made out of wood
Driftwood Art
a small wooden dog figurine sitting next to oranges on a wood table
an owl statue sitting in front of a castle
Owl Sculpture on Disney Castle
a wooden sculpture of a bird with its beak open
Задорная деревянная скульптура Владимира Цепляева