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the columns are lined with white sheers on them, and there is no image here to provide a caption for
Nicolas Feldmeyer weaves an impressive installation through the portico of UCL
three different views of an open field with people standing on the grass and laying down
Grassy Inclines Embedded in the Ground by Tanya Preminger Throw the Earth Off Balance
an image of trees in the fog on a sunny day with red and blue tones
Original Landscape Digital by Trevor Undi | Fine Art Art on Paper | Mirror Lake V
Original Art Manipulated/Digital/Giclee Digital, measuring: 111.8W x 152.4H x 0.3D cm, by: Trevor Undi (United States). Styles: Abstract, Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, Modern, Fine Art. Subject: Landscape. Keywords: Minimalist, Lake, Water, Moody, Blue, Mysterious, Dark, Expressionism, Red, Trees, Special Effects, Abstract. This Manipulated/Digital/Giclee Digital is one of a kind and once sold will no longer be available to purchase. Buy art at Saatchi Art.
an open window in the middle of a snowy forest at night with light coming through
Alternative Landscapes by Benoit Paillé Created out of Benoit’s dislike to traditional landscape photography he took it upon himself to create his on vision of landscape. By installing a cube of light amongst the natural surroundings you’re left questioning the reality of the situation. However, there’s no trickery or deceit here, the cube is genuine and has be suspended in mid air by Benoit himself.
an open door in the middle of a grassy field at night with stars above it
by Benoit.P, via Flickr
an illuminated box in the middle of a forest
This is a photography of light installation (real light, real square 1x1 meter) i set in nature or where during the night you have usually no lightning, I try to redefine the space/landscape for my own purpose: create a poetic space/time moment. And questioning the reality of what is a landscape
four lights are shining in the dark forest
4 Neons
4 Neons by Thomas Albdorf, via Flickr
the light is shining through the trees in the dark forest with no leaves on it
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