Tired chicken garden topiary / Garden Art

Claude Ponti‘s Sleeping Bird Topiary in Nantes, France. Located in the city’s botanical garden, Jardin des Plantes, the French artist’s exhibition features this hilarious and gigantic bird taking a nap in the garden.

Mushrooms! ;*)

First time trying shrooms. - Real Funny has the best funny pictures and videos in the Universe!


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My hobbies include taking LSD and rescuing stray dogs is hilarious. Check it out and see how messed up this guy is.

LSD fízlům!

LSD fízlům!

zasraný běženci!

zasraný běženci!

Meanwhile in Pentagon... ;*)

The Best of Nightlife : Events, Parties, Clubs, and Bars

Dan Landa a další čarodějové... #OMFG

Dan Landa a další čarodějové.

sajíci vikuř mi ;*)

sajíci vikuř mi ;*)

jak Valentýn řádil v Mironetu (a vyfotil mrdku zevnitř)! ;*)

jak Valentýn řádil v Mironetu (a vyfotil mrdku zevnitř)!