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The bodice of jeans sundress (master class) / Alteration jeans / hands - patterns, alteration of clothing, interior decoration with their hands - on Second Street

How to Knit a Jogless Color Change

How to Knit a Jogless Color Change (when you come to the new colour stitch, pick up the back leg of the stitch below it (from the back to the front) lift it up and onto the left needle; knit both it and the new colour stitch together.

The most elastic cast-on in the world - YouTube

Elastic, stretchy cast on method for knitting, great for ribbing, almost invisible. Dubbed the "accidental method" in my head, since it was made by mistake when attempting the long tail cast on method.

How to do Kitchener Stitch. These photos are incredible, can't find any clearer instructions. Perfect.

How to work kitchener stitch (somehow the three needle bind off with a tapestry needle?) foto tutorial (and loads of other great knitting stitch tutorials :: fluff and fuzz