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Arendell  ·  Ahoj jsem Veronika Frostová a ovládám všechny moci co existují.Moje maminka se jmenuje Elsa Frostová(Elsa Arendellská) a tatínek se jmenuje Jack Frost.
Veronika Frostová
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Teta Ella Nicol a Terry

Teta Ella Nicol a Terry

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So Rapunzel and Jack have children, Elsa and Anna and then they discover Elsa has Jack's powers. Frozen Family - Like Father, Like Daughter

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I can see Elsa as jack's daughter but not his girlfriend. I am loyal to jackunzel! < or elsa and anna are just punzie's cousins that occasionally come to visit. JACKUNZEL FOREVER < I like Jack and Elsa together better.


She is 5 years old. Her birthday is August She has fire powers, but they won't be under control until she is 10 years old. She is scared of her powers and needs help controlling them. (Adopted by Christine (Rp: Melody) Higgs (Rp: Frost))


Jelsa, Legends, Anna, Elsa

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já s mocí ledu,sněhu.....

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Amilee is 5 years old. She loves chocolate and the color purple. She has Lovee powers but she doesn't know it.she is afraid of Monsters.Adopt her!

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15 Questions Disney Forgot To Answer In "Frozen" - Where did Elsa’s powers come from? We know she was born with it, not cursed. But is this something that runs in the family? Did her mom have an aunt that could freeze the world too?