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MY LITTLE PONY Hair Barrettes made of Pearler beads by MadamFandom on ETSY. Think these would look good in someone's hair for everyday wear or just cosplay?

diy doll house

DIY doll house for Barbie - very inexpensive to make (link to tutorial)--I had a friend who had a huge Barbie house when we were kids and it was the coolest thing EVER

Привет всем! И снова я с игрушечной мебелью год спустя. Сегодня хочу представить мебель для девочки. Возможно кому-то понадобиться мастер-клас, потому постараюсь выложить более подробно и доступно. фото 1

Today I want to introduce furniture for girls. Maybe someone need a master class, because I will try to lay out in greater detail and is available.