3 Skinny Summer Blender Drinks to Try | skirt!

Watermelon Breeze Recipe: Fresh, light Summer drink made with chilled watermelon, coconut water, fresh lime and mint over ice. Think it would make a good frozen drink. Get out those ice cube trays and your blender!

How to Make Probiotic Water Kefir Soda - Healthy Recipe

DIY Gatorade: How to make healthy probiotic water kefir natural soda Natural Sports Drink Recipe.this sounds delicious

Fragrant Vanilla Cake: Peach Blush Kombucha

We make kombucha, but have never added fruit. If you have not had kombucha, be not afraid; it is yummy and bubbly and low-sugar deliciousness.


Gatorade contains a flame retardant chemical. Make your own re-hydrating electrolyte drink

This super yummy DIY electrolyte sports drink recipe supports optimal hydration by replacing vital minerals and electrolytes.

Electrozyme Juice

Juice from 1 young coconut 1 cucumber, juiced 2 celery stalks, juiced 2 apples, juiced 1 tablespoon spirulina 1 – 2 oz fresh wheatgrass juice Juice of 2 limes Pinch Himalyan salt Small handful ice

Fragrant Vanilla Cake: Cherry Berry Kombucha

Cherry Berry Kombucha - (I will try this recipe except sugar and "Scoby")

Lea's Cooking: Water Kefir Recipe "Elixir of Life"

"Elixir of Life"--Water kefir recipes! Excellent site with lots of slushie ideas and fruit combinations. I want to drink some right now, her ideas sound so good!

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Emplacements Camping - Camping les Embruns - Antibes