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QuantumTale DOODLEZ: TK and Edge by on @DeviantArt

Look like the little Timebug is slowly exposing his existence to the Alternate Universes XD Hmmm~ I wonder what the sibling-like relationship of these t. QuantumTale DOODLEZ: TK and Edge

Quantumtale: TimeKid Undyne Outfit Timeline by on @DeviantArt

How long has it been since I made these? I asked the artist if I can make Quantumtale versions of them when I was suppose to be making a "what if QT meet"drawing ins.

frans | undertale's photos

i think they're doing something called a "soul bond" (lol its monster sex) which some guy on deviantart invented i dont remember who but you could find it from vangold the post where underfell sans bites undertale papy theres a link in the description