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Winter Activities: In this math and literacy holiday bundle, you will receive printable worksheets and games with a polar bears and penguins theme! This winter math and literacy bundle contains the following 4 products: Cut and Paste Worksheets File Folder Games Counting to 20 Count and Clip Cards Sorting by Size WOW! That is over 70 pages of winter activities for your students and over a 20% savings for you.

FREE: When you think of Winter and The North Pole, penguins and polar bears come to mine. With this free sampler, Penguins and Polar Bears Sampler, you will receive three (3) worksheets from my Penguins and Polar Bears Cut and Paste Worksheet Set. The full version consists of 28 worksheets. Enjoy this Sampler with your students. All I ask in return is to please click on the ★ above to "Follow Me” to receive updates on new products and free downloads. Thank you, Rose.