Veronika Gardelková

Veronika Gardelková

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Veronika Gardelková
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Doctor Who TARDIS Bookcase DIY

Doctor Who TARDIS Bookcase DIY. Love this idea, because reading takes you to new universes and on new adventures. And so does the Tardis! I just had a little nerd moment right there! So hard to decide if this goes in fandom or the book nerd board

How to write Gallifreyan

Learn to write circular Gallifreyan using the Sherman method! Currently watching Doctor Who, and learning Gallifreyan!

There are no words for how amazing this seriously. AMAZING. Do you knowwwww what this is?!?! It's a Gallifreyan fob watch!! My life=made

There are no words for how amazing this seriously. Do you knowwwww what this is? It's a Gallifreyan fob watch!Maybe if I open it I'll remember if I'm a time lord!

Evolution of the TARDIS Key

Sure, sure—the TARDIS is always evolving along with the ever-regenerating Doctor, but what of the TARDIS key? One clever artist plotted out the evolution of the TARDIS key from Doctor Who. And it is delightful.