As simple and fun as a color-by-number, the students will use the key at the bottom of the page and identify musical symbols: Quarter note, half note, quarter rest, whole note, and eighth-notes.

Color by Music! Sailboat

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Teach the Music Element of Dynamics with Flashcards. Lesson, worksheet, and flashcards available on TpT.

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After learning "We All Sing With the Same Voice" from Sesame Street my kindergartners traced their ha d's and drew pictures of what makes them unique and I created a clef. Turned out better than I expected and was a great hallway decoration

Music Games/Puzzles! Music Sudoku for young musicians!  ♫ CLICK through to preview or save for later!  ♫


MUSIC THEMED SUDOKU using North American Terminology Engage your students with these music puzzles that will help develop deductive reasoning and critical thinking while reinforcing their knowledge of music words and symbols!

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kreslené obrázky hudebních nástrojů - Hledat Googlem