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Věra Pikulová

Cesta ke štěstí nemusí být snadná....Ale pak ti bude patřit celý svět.
Věra Pikulová
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12 is deeply compassionate. He's just not shallow or mawkish about it. He doesn't emote it loudly, but subtly, in eyes, twitches, sotto voce. He isn't always tuned in to human social stuff, but compassion and empathy aren't the same as social skills. 'do you think I care for you so little...'  I don't mind him showing a lighter side in S10, after all that angst, but I don't expect - or want - a change of hearts.

When you have a Doctor who board and a Peter Capaldi board and having to deal with struggle deciding which one the picture should be pinned to .

Peter in Melbourne. April. 2018. Edit ~ B

Peter in Melbourne. April. 2018. Edit ~ B

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“ In Science some of the best scientific discoveries took place because some asked the all important questions; Well I think I will take the scientific way of doing.


Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, who leaves the series this Christmas when Jodie Whittaker takes over, did a brilliant Dalek drawing for a young fan visiting the set

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Peter Capaldi attends the Jameson Empire Awards on March 29, 2015 in London. [x]

Peter Capaldi attending the Jameson Empire Awards in London - 29 March 2015

I have Doctor Who in my heart." – Peter Capaldi on whether he's taken anything from set