Veronika Skalová

Veronika Skalová

Veronika Skalová
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if u cant see the electric bolt in that eye contact then u r not a true shipper of Freysand

EVERYONE that's close to me says, "I would never guess you to be an 'introvert'! You seem so outgoing!" #IamINFJ

I don't know about Charasmatic, but I can fake it and look like an extrovert when I need to.


INFJ I love being in comfortable silence with someone I love. I had this moment yesterday.

More like annoying babble of the masses, where is that coming from and how do I shut up the idiots?! (Minutes Quotes So True)

My brain is like an internet browser: 17 tabs are open, 9 of them are not responding, thousands of popups and where the f*ck is that annoying music coming from?