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Cooking and baking

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Ombré cake for my dad's b-day. Inspiration from pinteresrt :)

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Time for a chocolate! A tinny fonfue set

Pannacotas and cream horns

An easy baked chicken legs with a bacon and an onion

Baked chicken leg with mashed potatoes and an onion sauce

Something czech similar as donuts with a chocotale dip and a vanila puding cream inside,anyway very tasty

A sauerkraut stew ( Segedin goulash) with pork and dumpings

Macarons.I love it since I was in Paris last Semtember. These are from Czech-French bakery in my hometown

A uniform we wear when it's pactice at school kitchen,I personaly love it

A beautiful name day gift for my friend,I have one as well