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Goon Dock Pirates by Andy Hall
Double/hiddend concept logo design: Dead Barber - barbershop


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Логотип для салона красоты, личного блога, магазина или ресторана. Женский логотип. Изящный, тонкий, нежный, минималистичный с элементами цветов, узоров, элегантный и премиальный. #женскийлоготип #логотипдля ж�енщин #логотипмагазин #логотипсалонкрасоты #логотипшоурум #логотипмагазинодежды #дорогойлоготип #femalelogo #elegantlogo #elitlogo #femalelogo #elegantlogo #premiumlogo #фотостудиялоготип #свадебныйсалонлоготип #логотипсалон #studiologo #makeuplogo #логотипстудия #шоурумлоготип
Les espaces négatifs ne sont définitivement pas à négliger.


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Steelers logo dribbble
Логотип гольф-клуба
Estampa para camiseta Fitness 000762


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Przedszkole Puchata Chatka on Behance logo branding packaging design
Such a great brand identity. Cute and clean. I like the use of flat elements and icons throughout. Sneaky Veg Brand Identity.


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Tastybird Foods Logo by Bright & Associates in Logos
bold and cute logo for healthy baby food
Please visit our website at artitudesdesign.com, like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/artitudesdesign, and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/artitudesdesign


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부수적 결과물들. - 디지털 아트, 브랜딩/편집


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「ソムリエの台所 天空-sola-」は甲州ワインの伝道師であるシニアソムリエ大山政弘さんによる国産ワインバーです。横浜元町に店舗を構えるにあたってショップロゴ制作をはじめ、開店案内DMとショップカードと名刺のデザインをお手伝いしました。<br /> ショップロゴは、店名を伝達すると同時にワインを取扱う店だとひと目で分かるようにデザインしています。元町という立地から女性に親しんでもらえるような、水彩で着彩したようなテクスチャを加え「手作り感」を演出しています。それらは元町という都会で山村で生まれたワイン達の素朴さを含んだ表現でもあります。
Logo inspiration from Japan // includes Japanese characters, Hiragana + Roman letters // Kanji // Romaji
PAPER PLANE                                                                                                                                                                                 More


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GALLERY LETA - Daikoku Design Institute / design / logo / branding / stationery /business card / signature and type - beautiful, elegant and classy design
this uses mostly embellishment to imply a ballet dancer as the b. it could be argued this is also using substitution, that the letter is replaced with the dancer.
Любимые логотипы дизайнеров


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morishita music school by masaomi fujita, via Behance
Modern Loves


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LOGOBOOK on Instagram: “NS Monogram Follow us @logobo0k and use #logobook or tag us to be featured! . Need a logo / branding? Contact / DM . By @phloxx_design…”


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the logo for an organization that has been designed to look like a woman's head
Silver Kostroma
a bird with the words'hoy friend'on it, in black and yellow
Put a Bird On It
Put a bird on it.
a black and white image of a tennis racket with the words, dear open 2013
Tennis competition logo
Tennis competition logo - Graphis
the tokyo arts and space logo
知识星球 | 深度连接铁杆粉丝,运营高品质社群,知识变现的工具
a red and white logo with an image of a bird in the middle of it
ロゴマーク | 長崎のグラフィックデザイン事務所 | DEJIMAGRAPH
05_004tsutinko Logo Design Japan, Chinese Logo, Logo Character
山鹿つちんこ | kajiwara branding design - カジワラブランディング株式会社
a white bunny face on a green background
Leaf+Bunny - Negative Space
the logo for an investment company with chinese writing and symbols in blue on a white background
a red and white logo for a usagi clean store with scissors in it
Usagi Clan*
a red bottle with the word wine on it
Wine Logo, Wine Restaurant Logo
Bottle of Wine and Corkscrew Hand-drawn Vector Logo Concept for Wine Restaurant or Shop.
a drawing of a bottle with the words wine is better poetry
wine is bottled poetry - para personalizar bolso
a hand holding a drop of water symbol
logos on Behance
a wine bottle with the words wine house on it
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