Mini Pumpkin Pies. #fall #thanksgiving #holiday #dessert #recipe

My sister-in-law gave me the cutter to make those now I know what to do with it Mini Pumpkin Pies! Quick and easy to make with a muffin tin, cookie cutters and a package of refrigerated pie crusts!


Bread and meat rolls - another decorative bread shaping idea - the link doesn't really go anywhere useful.



Как лепить манты - рыбка - jolis petits poissons avec une farce à base de poisson

Swaddle bolinhos, bolinhos, bolos | Nossa casa


Swaddle Bolinhos - In a language I don't understand, but the pictures illustrate the wrapping technique beautifully.

Pretty sure a cookie cutter would be easier. Or even a glass cup. But Im pretty sure I could eat 50 of these things.

Bite sized chocolate chip mini pies - Pretty sure a cookie cutter would be easier. Or even a glass cup. But I'm pretty sure I could eat 50 of these things.

Butterflies Puff - My Special Recipes #provestra

Butterflies Puff - Instructions a bit vague, but could probably figure it out

Modern Foodie

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Love the combination uses here: tart apples with a creamy goat milk caramel sauce. And how about that crust? Get more Pie Crust Inspiration than you knew was out there on the Pie Crust Inspiration Feed on our Website

Túrós rózsa Kelt (Leveles)

Túrós rózsa - Paraszt kg dl dkg dl olajból kelt…

montage 2 peite biroche celtique -

Brioches celtes Sweet Potato Biscuits 1 cup Sweet potatoes, canned Refrigerated 1 Egg Baking & Spices 1 tsp Baking powder tsp Salt 3 cups Self-rising flour cup Sugar cup Vegetable shortening Dairy 1 tbsp Butter 1 cup Milk

POTŘEBNÉ PŘÍSADY:  140g másla 140g sádla 420g hladká mouka 50g droždí 15pl vlažného mléka 2ks žloutek 2pl cukru   POSTUP PŘÍPRAVY:  Máslo i sádlo si necháme změknout při pokojové teplotě.

Picture of Recept - Mini koláčky - nekynuté a na jazýčku se rozplývající

DIY Flowers Puff Pastry Recipe

Nice food does not only taste delicious, but also have look great. That's why these puff pastry are so appealing. To make these mouth watering flower puff