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A bit disturbing but I think it is kind of neat. This ad for safe driving bleeds when it rains

Bleeding Billboard The first heavy rains after summer bring the highest death toll on New Zealand roads. To alert people to the dangers of driving in the wet this billboard was created.

In alto: istruzioni per l'esecuzione di una lobotomia transorbitale.  Nelle foto sotto, a sinistra la didascalia recita "Caso 1, Giugno 1945. Schizofrenica catatonica mantenuta per due anni sotto periodica terapia elettroconvulsiva".  A destra, invece, "Caso 1, Novembre del 1948, 8 giorni dopo una lobotomia transorbitale. Ha continuato a stare bene per 6 mesi".  Tratto da Oltman et al. "Frontal Lobotomy Clinical Experience with 107 Cases in a State Hospital". American Psychiatric Journal…

Welcome to the lobotomy ladies. Men had the right to demand their wives or daughters be lobotomized against their will. so that will teach you to be cheerful while you scrub the floors.(Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK, had his daughter lobotomized.

Electrical baths 1910-1916

Schnee bath, from Edward Reginald Morton and Elkin Cumberbatch& Essentials of Medical Electricity (Third Edition), The Schnee Bath was used to treat rheumatic conditions, with a powerful but carefully managed electrical current.