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Veronika Prokopova
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Before I die, I want to...Learn Sign Language. i know the alphabet and some other things but the whole this is definately a goal.

How to Learn American Sign Language. American Sign Language is one of the most beautiful yet misunderstood languages in the world. Approach learning it with the same respect and expectations you would if you were learning any foreign.

Bucket list for my love and I. -- love as in food or something, cause I'm forever alone. :/

🎶I done seen stars a million times And they only come out at night How come they only shine bright at night? Uh Been around, seen stars all my life They only come out at night They only come out at night Just like us -Rae Sremmurd

Check! Whether you know it or not, almost anyone can check this one off!

As a future teacher, mother and aunt my goal is to be someone's role model. Being someone's role model will encourage me to always put forth my best. I would be honored to be someone's role model because I would feel that I am respected and admired.