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a man sitting at a desk in front of a typewriter wearing a gas mask
24 Weird Creepy Vintage Photos from the Scary Olden Days | Team Jimmy Joe
a woman with an elaborate headdress on her head
“The Benevolent Dragon or Iguana” Oaxaca, Mexico. Photographer: Holly Wilmeth, National Geographic, 2014
a man sitting at a desk in front of a typewriter wearing a gas mask
My grandfather was always unique, here is him in 1938 hard at work for the army air corp
Stratospheric stenographer
an old photo of a woman wearing a hat made out of eggs on her head
egg head.
an old man is standing next to his bicycle
12 Crazy Bikes From the 1940’s (And One Unicycle)
When all you have is square tubing, you make lemonade (and hope it doesn't go round on you). 1948 via Time.
an old black and white photo of a person dressed in native american clothing with a large bird like headdress
Vintage Halloween Costumes
Sort through some pretty intense (and creepy) vintage Halloween costumes over on the UO Blog!
an old black and white photo with three cats on top of a man's head
fides. spes. caritas.
The Cats have completely taken over at our house.
a woman in an ostrich costume bending over
Hint Fashion Magazine
Halloween Goals
two lions standing next to each other with the caption spring is here and the dandy lions are everywhere
Galactic Salvage Yard
Anthropomorphic ~ Lions.
an old fashion photo of a woman in costume on a horse, with the caption'the devil's auction '
Burlesque beauties of the 1890s: Stunning vintage photos of 'loose women in tights' who perfected the art of the tease
Exotische dansers van 1890