More ideas from Věnceslav
solar carport - pas vraiment pour la partie solaire, mais pour le modèle!!

Reducing the even low-cost electric car recharge costs to the minimum with solar recharging port! (cars here consumes petrol or diesel)

This tiny house has some ingenious ideas incorporated into it – my favorite being the flue of the stove being used to heat the water.

Hot water tank heated by wood burning stove. From Teach Nollaig, Tiny house in Ireland. Could be improved by adding a small sterling engine to power a circulation pump, allowing the hot water tank to be up higher [improving pressure]. Also INSULATION!

Build Your Own Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine On The Cheap - Didn't realize vertical wind turbines existed. The scale of this one and the fact that it supposedly doesn't require gale force winds to produce power makes it definitely worth looking into.

How to build a simple, inexpensive vertical-axis wind turbine The Zoetrope is a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) made from materials commonly found at your local hardware store and a few easily purchased online, and Applied Sciences