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Vendy Cihelková

Vendy Cihelková
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I Saw That by Shy-Light on DeviantArt

I Saw That by Shy-Light on DeviantArt - Cute. Another word I didn't expect to use to describe Team Fortress 2 fanart.

Happy Medic by on @DeviantArt

I took the little joke poem from my old sketchdump and turned it into a legitimate comic. Also, I have a ton of watercolor paper and not so .

According to this update: Fixed some grammar problems. A soldier one would come soon,maybe. characters(c)VALVe

because i like to think red medic and blu spy's head are totally besties selfie

TF2 Spycrabs. Get it?

balaclava blue clone crab crustacean fish tank formal gas mask gloves iveechan mask multiple boys parody suit team fortress 2 the pyro the spy watermark web address - Image View -