The Old Stone Church in the Missouri Ozarks

The Old Stone Church The Old Stone Church This was a beautiful old church we found in the middle of the Missouri Ozarks. I just had to take a photo or two. The Mystic Pilgrim

"Little Chapel in the Woods" in Wisconsin

Little Chapel in the Woods. This would be great converted into a home. I had an acquaintance who lives in a converted chapel on Grizzly Bluff Road. It is lovely with the stain glass windows and old redwood.

Beautiful church

The small chapel stands in the centre of an old churchyard in Lednica, near Poznan, Poland. It is dedicated to Christ and Mary (you can find an inscription above the door) and was apparently built by the benefactor Marta (that's Martha in Polish) in

Church in Maryville Tennessee, looks kinda like a barn and a church

Whether they are big or small, elaborate or plain, a church building is such a beautiful place, but remember, it is just that…. a building. It is the “people” who are the church. I myself am kind of partial to the simple little country churches!

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Beautiful small country this is exactly what I would love to have on my land someday.